Private Lessons:
Using your voice as a musical instrument is a magical art to behold.  Learning to use it properly is very important to a person's growth as a singer and musician.  Private lessons taken with me are tailored to each student's personal learning styles and strengths.  Each student progresses at a different rate.  Through hard work and dedication, wonderful things can be achieved and accoomplished - the journey is both stimulating and rewarding!  I have listed helpful links for singers throughout my website.  Some links include John Glenn Paton (my former vocal coach), music links (mp3s of assigned music), educational links (for Ear Training, Music Theory, etc.), and Events (both performance opportunities as well as events to attend to enhance Students' Music Appreciation and musical knowledge).
Students who study with me have learned that I care most about protecting and helping improve their passion for singing by helping bring out their inner artist as an extension of themselves.  My goal for my students is that they will not only learn how to correctly use their bodies as musical instruments, but that they will with carry a deeply intrinsic love and value for singing and for music with them all the days of their lives.  My students experience encouragement as they learn - I prefer to inspire each student and let him/her set the standard for future acheivements.  Inspiration and encouragement are key to building a healthy self-esteem for singers.  
To schedule private lessons, please see the"Contact" tab to get in touch with me.  I wish you every success in your journey to becoming a well-rounded musician!
Local Singing Opportunities/Groups:
Daylight Singers - I am the Choir Director for this choir. No prior experience is necessary to become a member of this group.  Type of Choir:  Recreational Adult Choir (Ages 40+).  We meet on Mondays from 10:15 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. at the Bend Senior Center. To register, please visit http://www.bendparksandrec.org/ and look up "Daylight Singers".  For a sample of our current reportoire, please visit the "Music Links" Tab and look under "Daylight Singers".
Central Oregon Master Singers   (Experienced local Master Chorale opportunity for serious adult singers)
John Glenn Paton (vocal coach & educational resources for students wishing to delve into all aspect of Classical training)  
***Please also see the "Student Resources" Tab for additional tools (i.e. Ear Training, Music Theory, etc.).***